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October 2016

The relief! / Meeting #4

So, Hand-in came and passed and I got it all in on time although I was slightly over the word count. Last week we had another meeting (17/10/16) and we discussed where we all were and what our plan was... Continue Reading →


Final Proposal Document

Today I handed in my final edit of my proposal document. To read the full proposal, click here.


This week we didn't hold a meeting. Our mentor had said that instead she would email us our proposals and let us know which sections were the weakest. I've still not heard back from her and so, I have sent... Continue Reading →

Proposal Update

Today I have spent all day trying to get my proposal down to the word count of an absolute maximum of 3000 words. I have just emailed it to my mentor for some feedback and it now has a word-count... Continue Reading →

Ethnographic Interviews

Ethnographic Interviews are when you interview someone and then observe them over a period of time. It is a successful way of testing out the actions carried out by people in comparison to their verbal commitments. Due to some of my... Continue Reading →

Client and Expert

Craig and I have had a strong friendship since 2011 when we met on a ‘lads holiday’ together. We had never met before, but growing up in the same small rural city, we had mutual friends. In 2007 when Craig... Continue Reading →

Self Reflection

Growing up I have always been big and when I moved to Bristol for university I was nearly a 40” waist. I decided I had had enough and wanted to lose weight and gain confidence. But how? I asked myself.... Continue Reading →


Today, I have been trying to sort my objectives into three categories. Essential, Desirable and Optional. However, I have scrapped this idea as I deem all of my objectives Essential.

Uh oh!

On October 4th 2016, I received an email off the module leader stating that there was now a word count on the proposal. Personally I have found this very annoying as is a little over a week before hand-in! It... Continue Reading →

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