Meeting held on October 3rd 2016

At the beginning of  the meeting I informed Michaela about the progress over the weekend with gaining a live client. Armed with this new knowledge and the latest copy of my proposal document, we went through my proposal bit by bit as always.

“It’s getting heavy, this is good…”

– Dr. Michaela Palmer

Focus Group:

  • State that this is at the start of the project and why you are going to use it
  • Think about the questions you are going to ask – you have too many there to cover the amount of people you have stated and in the time frame that you have allocated
  • You will need content if you want to record or film any of the focus group research
  • how many times will you need to meet them?

Ethnographic Interviews:

  • Are your house mates part of your target audience?
  • How long will the observations last?
  • If I am going to use my house mates they must know and consent
  • I need to explain the following:
    • Why?
    • How long for?
    • Who with?
    • For what purpose?
    • How will you gain consent?

Questionnaires: I have decided to pull out of doing questionnaires in this project. In order to make them worth while I would need to get them out to a lot of people to get a good response, its a lot of work for such a little result.

A/B Tests:

  • I need to explain what they will be used for exactly


  • I am going to use a self reflection based on my experience of losing weight and the difficulties I faced
  • I need to talk about Craig in my research
  • I’ve not stated how and why competitors are good to test. I will find out who has the most popular app and use that

Storage of Data:

  • I need to be precise about how I will store it!

Project Objectives:

  • Bring it back to the app
  • How will the app help?

Methods, Techniques, Tools and Process’:

  • Explain why I will use this tech


  • I need to add competitor sources in here