Craig and I have had a strong friendship since 2011 when we met on a ‘lads holiday’ together. We had never met before, but growing up in the same small rural city, we had mutual friends. In 2007 when Craig left high school, he went straight into the British Army. He was on the front line doing tours in Afghanistan and was always into fitness. After a number of years in the forces he left in October 2014 and embarked on a course to become a qualified PT. Passing with flying colours he then became self-employed helping people become the person they want to be. His expansive knowledge covers fat loss, muscle gain, and functional fitness.

Having been self-employed for a couple of years, Craig’s client base has grown from strength to strength. He now feels like it is time to take a step forward and invest in a mobile app and website to further expand his business. He has given me the task of building a basic prototype for the application. In order to complete this I will need to carry out various methods of research. Naturally, I will use Craig to get all of the precise knowledge that I will require for this project, in terms of nutrition and exercise.