Growing up I have always been big and when I moved to Bristol for university I was nearly a 40” waist. I decided I had had enough and wanted to lose weight and gain confidence. But how? I asked myself. I was clueless and felt like I was drowning in information off the web and various mobile applications. I had made friends when I moved to university, and one friend in particular (William) was into fitness, regularly swimming or running. Between him and a long standing friend (now client [Craig]) I got some basic advice on how to make a good start. Living with William I noticed that he was a healthy eater. He wasn’t hard core and living off salad but when he ate junk food it would be in moderation. Naturally I had turned to both William and Craig as it was a comfort zone. Taking their advice about portion sizes, I simply changed the way I ate, and the way I cooked and prepared food. Eating in moderation made a huge difference. After a couple of weeks of eating in moderation and cleaner foods, I began to go running. Before I knew it, a year later, the weight was dropping off me and I was down to a healthy size. Continuation of the exercise and moderated food consumption resulted in the ability to slip into 34” waist jeans today. I can’t say I’ve ever weighed myself because in my eyes it’s about how you look and feel rather than the numbers.