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November 2016

Presentation/Meeting #7

So, yesterday (28/11/16) my presentation didn't go quite as well as i'd have hoped but none the less I got some good research results and managed to get it in there. My next tasks are to make a prototype ready... Continue Reading →



My presentation is all set and ready to go tomorrow. I have also managed to finish the X Code prototype I mentioned in a previous post. With a bit of luck, tomorrow will go well and my client will be... Continue Reading →

Result of research

Today I finished writing up the results of my primary research. I also finished my academic and competitor research. The results are interesting and will be revealed on Monday. I will post my updates at some point next week. I... Continue Reading →

Food Diaries

Yesterday was the final day for my participants to fill out their food diaries. I have this morning had them all back and completed. I will sort through these and compare them to my observations ready for my presentation on... Continue Reading →

Primary Research

Today I managed to finally complete my primary research. This included Ethnographic interviews and in place of my focus group, one-to-one interviews. Ethnographic Interviews: Ethnographic interviews consist of interviews and observations. I carried out one-to-one interviews, observations and asked my... Continue Reading →

Updated Blog

Today I decided to update my blog cosmetically. I've changed the theme to make it easier to read and skim through, adding a calendar feed in the footer. This means that if you're following my progress you can see what... Continue Reading →

Meeting #6

Meeting held on November 14th 2016. In the last couple of days it has come to light that my focus group have let me down. This isn't exactly uncommon to hear of, but it really is a right pain in... Continue Reading →

Meeting #5

Meeting held on 31/10/16 During this meeting we took the opportunity for me to practice holding a focus group with my peers and mentor in order to gain some feedback. Question by question we talked about how we could structure... Continue Reading →

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