Meeting held on 31/10/16

During this meeting we took the opportunity for me to practice holding a focus group with my peers and mentor in order to gain some feedback. Question by question we talked about how we could structure my approach as to not lead any participants into giving the answers that I am looking for, but to get real results.

We also went through my progress with this project and I created the following ‘to do’ list to research some theory for the project:

  • Finish competitor research
  • Re-word some of my questions and order them methodically
  • Look into what keeps people engaged and interested in a particular app
  • Re-visit proposal questions;What makes an app successful?
    • What makes an app successful?
    • Interactivity?
    • Psychology

I aim to get the above completed within the next 2 weeks.

Other notes from the meeting:

  • Change response time on info sheets to one week and not the 3 days currently stated
  • Need to shorten my information sheet for my focus group