Today I managed to finally complete my primary research. This included Ethnographic interviews and in place of my focus group, one-to-one interviews.

Ethnographic Interviews:

Ethnographic interviews consist of interviews and observations. I carried out one-to-one interviews, observations and asked my participants to fill out a food diary with daily entries. For this research I used my three house mates as they fall into my target audience. The food diaries are on schedule to finish on Sunday (November 20th 2016), and should tell me what my participants have eaten. I will then compare this to my observations to see if there is any synchronisation between our behaviour and our perception of our own behaviour.

One-to-one Interviews:

In place of my focus group I tracked down 6 individuals who use local gyms or university sports societies. This is because they too, fall into my target audience. I asked them open ended questions to get an understanding of:

  • Starting points
  • General consensus
  • Workout attitudes & Times
  • Myth Buster
  • Food preparation
  • Effective workouts
  • Workout Focuses
  • Motivation & engagement
  • Apps used before, likes and dislikes

I will now, over the next 7 days, look at my results and write them up into a presentation for November 28th. In this time I will also finish my competitor research, academic research and technical research.