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January 2017

Reporting on Usability Testing with my Client

Today I emailed my client in regards to the results of my usability testing. I have asked him if he is happy for me to go ahead and make the relevant changes to my prototype ready for my second round... Continue Reading →


Prototype Video/Meeting #9

I created the above video for todays hand-in. It shows my first draft of my prototype and covers the following: App usability and functionality Areas of the app that I intend on creating for my final piece Segments of code... Continue Reading →

Potential Prototype Changes

Today I made my video for my hand-in tomorrow. Having analysed my user testing results, I will speak with my client regarding the following changes┬áto find out what he thinks would be appropriate: Add a calorie counter in the food... Continue Reading →

Prototype (Draft 1)

Today I finished coding up my first draft of my prototype that displays the functionality of my application. My next steps for my hand-in this time next week is to create a video demonstrating: The code and how it works... Continue Reading →

Usability Testing Results

My user testing seemed to go well and was productive. I had some really good feedback as well, some of which I hadn't even considered. I used a pool of 6 people put together by my client. The results are... Continue Reading →

Usability Testing

Tomorrow after uni I will be heading up to Birmingham to meet with my client. During my time in Birmingham I will be using some of his clients for usability testing with my paper prototype, in the hope of getting... Continue Reading →

Meeting #8

Today we were back at uni after all of the festivities. To kick it off I had a meeting with my mentor. In two weeks time we have a prototype hand-in so we each took it in turn to have... Continue Reading →

Client Request for Minor Change

I have not long received an email from my client asking to make another change. It has been requested that his clients aren't able to make changes to their set goals for health related reasons.

Presentation Results and Progress Update

Today I had my results back for my research reporting. Considering I thought it went terribly I still managed to bag a 2:1 so its still good news! Anyway... my prototype. I designed some wireframes to show the functionality of... Continue Reading →

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