Today I had a meeting with my mentor and other group members where we discussed where each of us are with our projects. I talked my group through the graphs and what changes I intend on making and they seemed to be pleased. I even had the comment like:

We hope this goes live!

Comments like this really make me feel good about the progress I am making. Moving on, my group were giving me feedback on my latest developments when it was suggested that I add an input for how a user is feeling. I think that this is a great idea as a user may not have made a step in the right direction for that week but they may still feel good about how far they have come, marking it with a number of starts, or a smily face. This is something that I also want to include in my Sketch mock-up so that I can complete my user testing. We have 3 meetings left before our final hand-in… No pressure, then!