This weekend I made my final visit to Birmingham to meet with my client and carry out some final user testing using my sketch mock-ups. I arrived in Birmingham on Thursday evening and met with my client to discuss the project on Friday morning prior to my user testing. My client is happy with my progress and how the project is going, however, one hour before testing my client changed his mind on how the app should work. My client had said that he would like the app to include warm up and cool down areas as well as exercise tutorials and workouts. I think that this is a great idea and it reduces the risk of injury for users. With this in mind I created some rough sketches for the new design. As a result, I carried out user testing based on my Sketch Mock Ups and used rough sketches to talk them through the proposed changes by my client. This enables me to get feedback both thus far and on the new design my client has proposed.

My sketches for the design change as proposed by my client:

img_1554 img_1555 img_1556

User Testing Report:

User Testing Date: Feb 24th 2017

User Testing Location: Halesowen, Birmingham

I found that all users found the app incredibly easy to navigate in a quick and concise manner. They liked the layout and the aesthetics of the app, but crucially the general consensus was that it included everything that they would expect, and think it’s great for my target audience.

User 1

Users Comments:

Consider what people’s self-esteem if this is to make someone active it may feel unachievable if people look too fit??!?

Positive motivation sub comments-notifications for mind-set building  etc


User 2

Users Comments:

Pictures for “check-ins” when measuring weight

Nutrition ideas – meal plans based on target calories or macros

Consider an average portion size so what makes weight so not all in grams, eg: palm sized amount

Looks very good.


User 3

User Comments:

Certainly need good video tut’s to show correct posture / stance.

Ability to select categories based on body workout area, i.e. upper body, arms or legs.

Overall though, looks good, nice ideas and proof of concept’s to be developed.

Good range of exercises

Timer going to have bleeps to mark hiit intervals?


User 4


User Comments:

Less intimidating images for people; we know everyone wants a 6-pack but if you are overweight the reason you don’t go to the gym is due to fit people and being intimidated so don’t put people off the app before you have started!

Visual images in relation to weight loss – waist size minus inches lost etc. or images of the equivalent of weight lost.

Portion sizes – people who are large don’t have scales!

Nutrition – don’t stop people going out i.e. give them an option to eat at a restaurant liked mixed grill rather than full on fat creamy curry


User 5


User Comments:

Really like the flexibility of being able to choose your difficulty level, especially good for someone who is completely new to exercise (New designs).

Can you adjust the timings or all are workouts set at 30 mins for example?

Something like a push notification or alarm setting to motivate you/remind you to work out.


After my user testing on Friday I sat with my client to discuss the results. I had suggested to him that due to comments about the place holder images, it might be a good idea to insert pictures of him, as their PT. He agreed to this and we took some photos ready for the updated mock-ups. His comments were as follows:

Client Comments:

Keep to the images as discussed- Cant please everyone also they need something to aim to achieve. Having a fat person would not fit the image of trying to get fit.

Single body part splits will not help achieve the desired look, by doing bicep curls youre not going to drop bodyfat.

Timer can be set at whatever intervals they choose like a better version of the iphone countdown/stopwatch so you can input work and rest intervals.

Monthly or 4 weekly progress pictures can be added but that’s not a pressing matter as I believe that is down to the individual to take them on their own devices.

My next tasks within this project are to create mock-up’s of which are what I will be trying to implement. Based on this weekend, the mock-up’s will include:

  • Warm up and cool down areas, following the same design principles as the workout areas.
  • Insert a timer that allows you to input ‘Hiit’ intervals.
  • Allow users to insert photos so that they can see their progress, however, this is a optional aim meaning that I will try and implement it if I get all of the technical implementation done early.

Once I have updated my mock-ups I will send them to my client for approval.