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March 2017

Final User Testing

Today I managed to squeeze in some final user testing for Health Highway. It went well and the users found all areas efficiently. Feedback included: "I like it" "its very usable" "easy to use" "great functionality" "needs a little work... Continue Reading →


Final Meeting (#13)

In today's meeting we talked through our reports. This gave us all insights into what each other had written, and gave each of us the chance to get feedback from our mentor. With 4 pages of notes, I can now... Continue Reading →

Meeting and user testing/Meeting #12

Yesterday (13/3/17) I had my meeting and user testing session using my group of peers. It all seemed to go pretty well and when I mentioned half of my app not displaying to my mentor, she informed me that it... Continue Reading →

First Technical Problem

As per my last post I have spent a lot of time coding up my app inline with my mock-ups. Ready for my next meeting and final user testing with my mentor and dissertation group on Monday, I decided to... Continue Reading →


To date I have managed to implement the vast majority of my app as planned. I now have the layout sorted and once the technical aspects are complete I will be able to spend some time 'making it look pretty'.... Continue Reading →

Client Approval

Today I had a telephone conversation with my client and I gained his approval of the mock-ups. As a result I have started to implement the app ready for some final user testing with my dissertation group in our next... Continue Reading →

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