To date I have managed to implement the vast majority of my app as planned. I now have the layout sorted and once the technical aspects are complete I will be able to spend some time ‘making it look pretty’. My next steps of implementation are as follows:

  • Upload the files onto the UWE servers to link with PHPmyadmin
  • Build my database
  • Pull information through to my app from my database using PHP

I have also encountered problems along the way and today I have been fighting with HTML5 video tag. Problems I have encountered include:

  • HTML5 Video tag not working (turned out that my video files NEED to be in MP4)
  • One of my videos has lost its sound. I still need to look into this.
  • The videos that I converted into MP4 using PremierePro have some black ‘bars’ down each side that I need to get rid of. I still need to look into this.