Yesterday (13/3/17) I had my meeting and user testing session using my group of peers.

It all seemed to go pretty well and when I mentioned half of my app not displaying to my mentor, she informed me that it came to her as no surprise. She gave me the following list of reasons as to why it might be so that I could have a look into it further:

  • File location – Was I targeting the right file locations?
  • check the .jpg extension – the letter ‘e’ can throw the servers
  • check if the file name is longer than 8 characters, if so shorten them the server doesn’t like long file names
  • Try and save the image again to ensure there is no file corruption

With my list in my hand, a peer and I started to look into it and it was simply that Photoshop had saved my images as .JPG and not .jpg. This fixed my error and now my app displays as it should.

Feedback from the meeting and user testing included:

  • add a key to your charts
  • remove the fill colour under the lines in the charts
  • Very usable
  • “looks like an app should”
  • “I like the accordion page”
  • Could you get the accordion to close the open tab automatically when you open the next tab? – This is something I will look into if I manage to get everything else done in time
  • Polish up the CSS a little – some bits aren’t fluent in positioning
  • Needs Branding – there is none what so ever, even though it is very usable.
  • Check spelling!
  • Add a different font style in so it looks less boring.

This was all very helpful feedback and I will do my best to implement as many of the changes as I can.